Healing is a whole body experience.
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At Renew Your Passion, our programs are interactive and experiential, leaving you energized and better-related with your surroundings.

Incorporating healthy practices into your relationship is an important facet of the methods we offer. By providing you with a safe container in which you may experience your body, emotions and sensations, you are encouraged to bring these changes into your daily relational life.

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Christopher Diggins, M.A., LMHC

With over 25 years of experience, Christopher Diggins is happy to help you Renew Your Passion.
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In-Office Therapy


Whether in Individual or Couples Therapy, we help you make concrete changes in your life and then show you how to turn these changes into healthy habits at home. We can help you.
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Couples Therapy Retreats


The most powerful and life changing experience you will have with your partner is to experience painful, angry, sad, and frustrating feelings, and then be able to move together to a place of caring and connection.
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Outdoor Healing


Nature benefits our bodies physically, emotionally, and spiritually–most of us intuitively know this. New research is now measuring just how significant and dynamic these benefits are. By connecting and caring for our environment, we open doors to new ways of receiving nurturing and an increased sense of belonging in our world. The reciprocal relationship we have with our inner and outer ecologies has strong repercussions for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
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